Grading System

Experienced Golf Balls strives to ensure you get the highest quality golf balls at the best prices. We individually inspect each ball prior to packing to ensure you get the best deal for your money. Our grading system can help you learn more about the type of used balls we sell.

Grade A+ 

used Titleist Pro V1X golf ball

  • Top of the line balls, also known as 5A, Mint, Premium
  • Only used a few times, with little to no wear and tear
  • Glossy and shiny look
  • Except for the advertising logo and ink/pencil markings, these balls are as good as new
  • Ideal for all purposes
  • Are sold together with grade A

Grade A

used Taylormade TP5 golf ball

  • Excellent condition, also known as 4A
  • Used a few times, with little wear and tear
  • May contain very minor blemishes, scuffs, discolouration, and markings
  • Ideal for all purposes

Grade B

used Callaway HX Bite Golf Ball

  • Good condition
  • Used many times with visible wear and tear
  • minor loss of gloss and shine
  • Visible discolouration, club marks, and scuffs
  • Suitable for new golfers and practice 

Grade C

used Titleist Pro V1 golf ball

  • Not sold on the website 
  • Heavily used balls with major wear and tear
  • loss of gloss and shine
  • Heavy discolouration, club marks, and scuffs

Testimonials from customers

"Played using them today. Perfect for me. Thank u so much. Will pass ur info around to my fellow golfers"

Julie G.

"Got the balls the next day and was happy with the quality. Will share your website with my friends!"


"Great prices and good quality for used balls. Referred you to two friends and they also ordered."

James M.