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Experienced Golf Balls is the premier online destination to buy a wide range of used golf balls. We work with all the top golf courses in UAE and bring you the best lake balls from brands such as Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Bridgestone and more. 

Our online shop makes it easy for golfers in the UAE to buy golf balls for less than half the price of new ones. In addition to price, our customers benefit from the superior quality of our used golf balls. All balls go through strict quality checks, from the time they are scoured from the lakes to the time they arrive at your doorstep.

Pinnacle Golf Ball


Your passion for golf doesn't have to come at a hefty price. We make sure you get quality balls that let you play the game you love for less. In terms of performance, there is no noticeable difference between new and used golf balls, as proved by studies and research over the years. 

We have direct relationships with the golf courses. Our dedicated team of divers clear the lakes, after which the balls go through a thorough cleaning process to remove mud and other foreign matter. Once the cleaning process is complete, the balls are individually graded according to their condition and they're ready to be sold!

Our process ensures you get the best quality of used golf balls there is. So order today and get delivery anywhere in the UAE. 

Testimonials from customers

"Thanks for the balls. All good. Very happy with the quality."

Mike H.

Thanks, very happy with quality, will be sure to order more than required!"

Ryan F.

"Great prices, quick delivery, and good condition. Will order more!"

Nadeem S.